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Recording & Uploading

“How much is a sound-form?”

Sound-forms come in the following sizes and substrates:

Size            Canvas         Acrylic         Unmounted  


12x24         $299             $399            $249

12x36         $299             $399            $249


18x36         $399             $499            $349 


18x48         $499             $599            $449      

24x48         $499             $599            $449


30x60         $799             $899            $749


Customs sizes are available upon request.

“How do I send you my sound?”

You can record directly on our site. You can also upload your previously-recorded audio and movie files to our site. Both options are secure. You can name and save your sounds in My Sound-Form Account. A sound-form we make from your video file is a Special Order. You can also email us your sound files to create@bornofsound. If you choose to email your sound, please reference your order number in the subject line so we can match your sound to your order details. 

“What kind of sounds can I record?”

​Anything that makes a sound will make a beautiful sound-form. Every sound-form is one-of-a-kind, because every sound is unique. You can record a human voice speaking or singing or laughing. Record a musical instrument. Record a buzzing bee, a crashing wave, or rustling leaves…. or a fetal heartbeat.

“How many sounds can I upload at a time?”

You can only upload one sound at a time. However, you can save as many as you like in your My Sound-Form Account. The playback feature allows you to listen to your sounds, so you can decide which one you want to use for your order.

“What is the largest size file I can upload?”

​The largest file you can upload is 10MB. If you have a larger file please contact us to arrange an alternate method for providing your sound.

“Which audio file formats do you accept?”

​We can accept any audio file format. The most commonly used formats include: WAV, AIFF, AU MP2, MP3, and AUD.  We can even extract sound from a video file in .MOV format.

About Your Order

“Can I save an order that I haven’t completed — so that I don’t have to start from scratch when I’m ready to order?”

You can only upload one sound at a time. However, you can save as many as you like in your My Sound-Form Account. The playback feature allows you to listen to your sounds, so you can decide which one you want to use for your order.

“How long will it take to receive my sound-form?”

​We provide an on-line proof of your sound-form within 5 business days of order placement. Once you have approved your proof, we will ship your artwork within 10 business days for canvas orders and 15 business days for acrylic orders. If you need your order more quickly, let us know what you need when, and we will do our best. Shipping time (from the San Francisco Bay Area) depends on your location and shipping method.

“Can I store my sound and my artwork?”

Yes. Your recorded sound(s) and artwork are stored automatically for twelve months in your My Sound-Form Account, and then they are permanently deleted. We can manually delete them sooner for you – simply send us an e-mail.

“How do I track the status of my order?”

​Easily! Go to My Sound-Form Account and click on Order Status. You will see the status of all pending and completed orders. Clicking on an order whisks you to Order Details, where you will see your package tracking number and shipment date if your order has been shipped. We will notify you via email once your order has shipped.

Shopping: Payment Options & Site Security

“Is shopping on your site secure?”

​Shopping on our site is completely secure. We have 256 bit SSL encryption and use only the most robust credit card processing software (

“Which payment options to you accept?”

​We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Coupons & Gift Certificates

“Can I order a gift certificate?”

​Of course! You can purchase gift certificates in CREATE. You have two delivery options: (1) We can email a gift certificate or (2) We can send an actual gift certificate, via the mail. With either option, we will include your name and message.

“How do I use my coupon or discount code?”

Simply enter the code in the “coupon code” box in the shipping section at checkout, and click “Next.” The coupon code is case sensitive, so you’ll want to type it exactly as you see it. You will need to log into your My Sound-Form Account BEFORE entering your code. (If you don’t have an account, click the log-in link and follow the simple instructions).

“Do you offer any discount on the purchase of more than one piece?”

​Yes. We offer a discount for each additional piece ordered at the same time. The discount is applied to any additional pieces of the same or lesser value. Please contact us directly to order multiples of your sound-form. 

Special Orders (including Multiples)

“Can I order custom colors?”

Yes, you can. Please use the Special Order Request Form  to tell us what you are thinking color-wise, or shoot us questions at or give us a call.

“Can I order a custom size?”

Custom sizes are possible. Presently, the smallest size we produce in-house is 8 x 8 inches (same price as Piccolo). Presently, the largest size we produce in-house is 44 x 100 inches, but we have a printing partner who produces larger sizes for us. Please use the Special Order Request Form to let us know what size(s) you are curious about, or shoot us questions at or give us a call.

“How much longer does it take to receive a special order?”

Certain special orders may take as long as three extra days; other special orders may not take any extra time. As always, let us know what you need when, and we will do our best.

Our Collaborative Process

“Can you help me if I want to create an unusual sound-form?”

​Yes, we are always up for a creative challenge. Most sound-forms look beautiful as a single horizontal line. However, other custom options are available: vertical, multi-line (for part of a song or a poem), dual-pane or overlapping (for more than one person recording). Let us know what you are thinking and we will see what we can do.

Shipping Your Order

“What if my sound-form is damaged in shipping?”

Contact us at or call us at (925) 899-0120. We will need a photo of the damage if possible (so we can advise the shipper). Please mail us back your damaged sound-form. Claims for damage must be made within 5 calendar days after delivery. Please see our Exchange Policy for more information.

“Which shipping service do you use, and how much does it cost?”

We currently ship through UPS and United States Postal Service. We charge a flat rate of $20.00 for all shipments made in the United States.  International rates are shown in the shipping section.


“Will the color on my work of art match the color of my proof on my screen?”

It will be close but not identical, because (1) The same color scheme may look different on individual monitors. (2) Colors reproduce slightly differently on different surfaces, such as canvas, or photo paper mounted on acrylic. (3) The sound-form shape you select, and the sound you provide, both affect the intensity and saturation as the sound is translated into different densities of color. (We didn’t mean to get too technical on you, but you asked.)

“Is there a way to see what my color really looks like on canvas or photo paper before I order?”

​Absolutely. You can order a Color Swatch Set here. The cost of the color swatch set(s) will be credited to the final purchase of your sound-form.

Is it true?

“Is it true that you rescued a black and tan coonhound from a medical research facility, that her bey was measured at over 105 decibels and she loves cucumbers fresh from the garden?”


​To find out more about us, our rescue coonhound, and upcoming Born of Sound events, check out Sweetness.

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